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Braven the Hypbotized fennekin :iconbravenwolf1:Bravenwolf1 3 29 im selling these :iconbravenwolf1:Bravenwolf1 0 0 TF/TG Ball (RP?) :iconbravenwolf1:Bravenwolf1 0 90 TF/TG Ball (RP?) :iconbravenwolf1:Bravenwolf1 0 24 oh god why memes :iconbravenwolf1:Bravenwolf1 2 23 jontron quote :iconbravenwolf1:Bravenwolf1 0 0
So my first non Pokémon tf rp so we get free tickets to an empty zoo but what we don't know is this will change our lives forever
:iconbravenwolf1:Bravenwolf1 0 189
oh no :iconbravenwolf1:Bravenwolf1 0 9
Adventures in Skylands Prolouge
So this story starts off with Aidan hanging out in his house watching Skylanders Academy, relaxing when his doorbell rang.
*I opened the door to see a box* hmm what's this" *I pick it up and take it inside my house* well might as well see what's inside *I grab a knife to open it to see skylanders imaginators* WHOA! *I look for a note and don't find one* hmm who sent this well who cares *I open it and set it up* here we go *I put Spyro on the portal as I smile* *the portal starts to light up very brightly* what in the... *i pass out* *1hour later* *I wake up* what happened *I stand up but only to fall on all fours* what the *I see that I've turned into  Spyro* what in the world *I then see that I'm in skylands* whoa well I'll start a new life *I walk off*
*to be continued*
:iconbravenwolf1:Bravenwolf1 0 104
Skylander TF RP
So you can only become a skylander that had been shown in skylanders academy and villains are allowed as well MC is allowed TG only if its the gender of the skylander and I dare :iconpikachu-riolu-human:, :iconsupernightmare22:, :iconxxjemsbossyoloxx:, :iconmaurili: and :iconvictinibaumbs: to do this
:iconbravenwolf1:Bravenwolf1 1 466
A tribute to Glenn and Abraham :iconbravenwolf1:Bravenwolf1 0 8 ART WALL :iconbravenwolf1:Bravenwolf1 2 0
Mew and Victini TF story (Collab)
Derek and Braven were traveling in the USA, they were now in Miami Florida, and were in a strange store . They looked around and found 2 plushies, a mew and victini one,  they saw the shop owner that was a magician looking person, they bought the plushes. and brought them to Braven's house. "very cool" Derek said 'I agree" braven said. They looked at them. and started to fell strange, "WAT THE FACK" Braven said. Derek felt ichy all over, as pink fur grew over him, he also saw his fingers melt together as his hands turned into paws. Braven got the same feeling as yellow fur and his fingers melted together from 5 to 3. Derek felt a sharp pain in his back as a huge pink tail grew in his back, that ended in a ball. Braven felt a pain in his back as wings grew from his back. Derek's feet turned into paws too, he felt his face change into a cat like muzzle as his ears went up tothe top of his head and turned into horn like thing he shrunk a lot, his eyes turned blue, and was n
:iconbravenwolf1:Bravenwolf1 2 20
I will survive :iconbravenwolf1:Bravenwolf1 1 79
Umbreon and Flareon TF (Collab)
Two people named, Derek and Braven, were campers, they were sitting near the campfire, telling HORROR stories and then they decided to go out and enter a cave.
They look around the cave and they found 2 stones one black and one orange.
Derek pick ups the stone that was orange. Braven picks up the black one.  "what are these" Braven said. "I Dont know" Derek replied . They started to feel weird.
Derek body felt his. Braven feels the same. "What is this felling" Derek said. "I don't know" Braven said. Derek saw his fingers melt together, as his hands become paws. Braven saw this. "What the f**k is going on with your hands?" Braven asked. "I Dont know... They look like... Your hands!" Derek said. "WHAT!?" Braven yelled shocked and he looks at his hands, they were changing into paws too, they felt the same thing happening in their feet. "HOW IS THIS HAPPENING!?" Braven yelled. "I Dunno, but I fell... Warm" Derek said as he felt a strange felling at his back as a big furry yellow tail
:iconbravenwolf1:Bravenwolf1 3 225
Trainer OC- Axel
Brown hair wears a team mystic shirt a lot or a shirt that has blue on it and his pokemon team is: Glaceon, Blastoise, Greninja, Empolion, Dragonite, Charizard
:iconbravenwolf1:Bravenwolf1 0 1


Sweet dreams. :iconcherryviolets:CherryVioletS 2,841 112 Speed Drawing Rounds :iconpeachie5000:Peachie5000 6 0 Nickachu's Buneary TF TG :iconnickachuthepikachu:NickachuThePikachu 38 27
Mardi gras tf rp
Something for my home state's holiday.
We arrive in New Orleans to celebrate Mardi gras, and join the festivities. While there, we get caught in something strange...
Scenario 1: We find Mardi gras jester costumes, and REALLY get into character. (Anthro jester tf)
Scenario 2: We enter a music club, and start playing. (Anthro musician tf)
Scenario 3: We journey into the swamps, and find an abandoned hut.(possession and either anthro redneck or shaman tf)
Scenario 4: make something up!
Side effects: mc, mg, tg, WG, AR and ap, possession, corruption, and goofiness.
No mature. Provide references if needed.
:iconbluman08:bluman08 3 273
Light behind Light :iconthunder-husky:Thunder-Husky 2 0
The Amazing Garibaldi 6.0 TF RP
Hello everyone!
In this RP, Garibaldi returns for 6 sensational and sinister scenarios:
1. The Audience Scenario: we go to his show and get transformed.
2. The Rival Scenario: we are rivals of Garibaldi who try to humiliate him only to suffer the aforementioned fate.
3. The Hero Scenario: we are good hypnotists who chase him down through multiple countries.
4. The Thief Scenario: we try to steal stuff from him only to become permanent members.
5. The Revenge Scenario: we are Garibaldi's targets in a revenge hypnosis scheme.
6. The Custom Scenario: what ever you desire to make happen.
> Anthro, AP, AR, TG, WG, MC, and MG are acceptable effects.
> All fandoms welcome, but send me references for any character I ask you about.
> Mature in notes.
> Have fun!
:icondeathbustereudial103:deathbustereudial103 4 707
More Kitties ( CLOSED ) :iconprankstarz101:PrankStarz101 13 50
Transformation Day 2017: TLO's TF RP prompts!
As part of Vinomath's "Transformation Day", I've decided to put up a series of TF RP prompts for you to try out with me! Fancy being TFd? This is the place to come! Just let me know in the comments which prompt you're responding to. But please let me know a few things regarding your initial form and your preferences! Are you starting out as a human, or an anthro? What's your gender? Do you consent to a change in gender, or species, or a mental change? And bear in mind, some of these prompts, I'm only accepting one slot, for others I'll have multiples open. Alright, let's go!
Important: for all RPs, I will only limit myself to SFW content. If I'm not comfortable with your idea, I'll let you know.
1) Vacation to Canada
After a weeklong vacation in Toronto, we decide to spend our final day searching for suitable souvenirs to take home with us. We find ourselves drawn to a pair of trucker's ballcaps, and get attached to them enough to walk out of the store with them. But, having those
:iconthelupineone:TheLupineOne 4 493
The Change island tf rp.
Welcome to change island! A island where you can walk in something's.
The animes and videogames I know and allow.
Fairy tail.
Dangan ronpa.
One piece.
Jak and daxter.
Ratchet and clank.
Yo kai watch.
Etc just ask if I know it and allow it.
Side effects.
Etc just ask if I allow it.
The tf triggers.
The beach: We go out to beach, the more we have fun, like beach ball, surfing all that stuff the more we changed.
luau: We go to a traditional party and get change by, eating or go dancing with the dancers.
Spa: We go to the Spa to get massages or other stuff.
Slow tfs: Where the tf happens the moment we get on the island but it's much slower. (I recommend this on notes, because of the comments limits.)
The only tfs I'll allow is the creature types of tf.
I want you to put some effort into the rp.
More than 5 words.Don't be a troll.
I'm allowed to end it anytime I want.
Mature in notes but you can also use notes on the slow tfs.
If you understand the rul
:iconmr-green193:mr-green193 4 641
Skyla the anthro popriolu tf tg :iconbaumbs:Baumbs 14 104 Going Underground :iconprincessshannon07:PrincessShannon07 6 5
Haunted Manor CYOA- Touch the Fire
You take a few cautious steps forward, extend your right arm, and out of curiosity plunge your hand into the flame. For an instant you question why you did such a stupid thing, but the raw heat feels rather... soothing.
Your entire arm bursts into flames. You freak out at first, pulling your arm out of the furnace, but then realize there's still absolutely no pain. You grab your arm with your left hand, and it goes straight through it. Your arm is pure flame. You notice you seem to have no wrist, and where your fingers should be are four tongues of flame.
The blaze spreads across your torso, incinerating all clothing on your top half. It takes your left arm and legs, reducing your entire outfit to ashes. The only part of you the inferno has yet to claim is your head, and that will soon change. The tongues of fire lick your neck and engulf your skull. You close your eyes and flame washes over them. You realize you can no longer speak.
You reopen them. You feel weightless. You look down
:iconsinzuthegreat:SinzutheGreat 1 4
Sami Zayn Pikachu :iconmyumimon:Myumimon 39 6 Can't Catch Sabrina (Cowgirl TF) :iconsera-fuku:Sera-fuku 119 15
Greedful Nights (Greed FNaF TF RP)
Bio: You were bored and decide to find a job. You have successfully receive a New Job at a New Place called Greedy Freddy's Pizza and decide to Work there at night...But as soon as you got there, you Found...
Golden Plushies (FNaF 1 Animatronic TF)
Rare Toys (FNaF 2 Animatronic TF)
Ancient Treasure (FNaF 3 Animatronic TF)
Golden Ring with a gem (FNaF 4 Animatronic TF)
Pretty Jewelry (FNaF Sister Location TF)
No Bad stuff, ok?
The FNAF Franchise Belongs to Scott Cawthon
:iconthehypercutter:thehypercutter 3 342
Larger Than Life.
Larger Than Life
Donald Trump FTM TG/MC.
This is a ftm TG story of Mel into Donald Trump and it deals with possession of the ghostly kind as well and this is also meta in some sense,   it has supernatural elements and also has a bit of satire in it.    The Trump spirit is also a recurring antagonist that appeared in the final segment of Metamorphosis Shop as well as in the epilogue,   he also appeared in the episode 'Practically Trumpish'.
It had been a very rough year for Mel the koala-girl and she had been very angry and disappointed that she didn't get to do a halloween special or a proper conclusion to the election storyline.   She would have done one if it wasn't for that stupid script Lithius wrote,  but really that script was just one he made while he was on his 'please give me attention'  phase.   The script had him turning evil out of humiliation and trying to kill Soo as well as kidnapping her,
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 2 214


embedded_item1490537187121 by Bravenwolf1
So as you can see by my PFP (profile pic) i got turned into Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls and he is now one of my Split Personality's so YAY
Anyone want to do a canon gravity falls tf rp
Yea :iconartictheiceheart: turned me into an alolan raichu so yey I guess
embedded_item1490537187121 by Bravenwolf1


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